We bite back if you attack our cash machines, You won’t GET AWAY with an attack on our Secure ATM, Don’t be just ANOTHER STATISTIC, You won’t GET AWAY with an ATM crime, You won’t GET AWAY with an attack on our Secure ATM,

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The odds aren't in your favour

Since 2018, Secure ATM has had unprecedented success in helping police to convict over 567 criminals who are now serving a combined sentence of over 1332 years in prison. By working closely with police forces nationally, we are turning the tide on ATM crime up and down the country. The net is closing in on ATM criminals.

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567 Arrests
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1332 Years of Jail Time

Putting an end to ATM crime and theft

Planning an ATM attack: Not worth the risk!


Security and Success


We have a wide range of the latest anti-attack technologies including the following and many more:

  • Artificial Intelligence – Immediate alerts are sent to our control centre as soon as it recognises any unusual behaviour, noises, sounds allowing us to get an urgent police response.
  • Note Dye – Inedible ink stains the cash, with a traceable marker that identifies the notes and links them to the scene of crime.
  • Forensic DNA – Sprays a traceable marker which shines under UV light for 5 years and links you back to the crime scene.
  • Note Glue – Our Internal Cash Cassette releases glue which turns the cash into large blocks and makes it unusable.
  • Alarms - immediately alerts the police for urgent police response.
  • Anti-explosion – detects explosive material being inserted into the ATM and neutralises it, making the machine safe and preventing attack.

As a provider of vital banking services and a lifeline for rural communities, we are determined to put an end to ATM crime and continue to provide convenient access to cash. All of these advanced technologies will render stolen cash unusable and worthless. Criminals beware, you will be stuck with useless cash that you will have to dispose of!

Al warns of any unusual activity and threats

Forensic DNA marks criminals for up to 5 years

Internal Cash Cassette, Dyed notes & Stained notes

Note Glue, Sticks notes together into blocks

Detect, Neutralise gas attacks and prevent explosions

Alarms and immediate alerts to police


Lose your freedom

Spending years or the rest of your life behind bars isn’t worth the risk.

Lose your assets

Attack a Secure ATM and you will lose your assets and plunge your family into debt.

Lose your family

Not being there for those unique family moments is something you will always regret.

Lose your life

High risk, no reward. Don’t risk your life attacking an ATM.

Secure ATM Initiative

Cardtronics’ Secure ATM initiative is the largest single investment in ATM security in the UK.

ATMs that carry the ‘Secure ATM’ brand are the most secure and are fitted with the latest anti-attack technology designed to track down and provide the highest conviction rate for ATM criminals. We have been extremely effective in putting hundreds of ATM criminals and organised gangs behind bars for hundreds of years.

Our ATMs provide vital banking services, serving rural and protected communities with continued access to cash.

Secure ATM protects Cashzone, Bank Machine, DC Payments and Omnicash machines with some of the most advanced technology in the industry.

ATM Crime does not pay! We will track you down!

Raid it. Regret it.

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