Don't even think about attacking our cash machines! You will get caught and sent to prison.

Secure ATM Initiative

Running under the campaign headline of “Raid it. Regret it.”, Cardtronics’ Secure ATM initiative is the largest single investment in ATM security in the UK. ATMs that carry the ‘Secure ATM’ brand are fitted with the latest technology designed to track down and convict ATM criminals. Secure ATM protects Cashzone, Bank Machine, DC Payments and Omnicash machines with some of the most advanced technology in the industry.

ATM Crime does not pay!


Lose your freedom

Living years or the rest of your life in jail isn't worth the risk.

Lose your family

Spending the rest of your life in jail isn't worth the risk.

Lose your job

Attack a Secure ATM and you will lose your job and plunge your family into debt.

Lose your life

High risk, no reward. Don’t risk your life attacking an ATM.

The odds aren't in your favour

During 2018, Secure ATM has helped to convict over 130 criminals who are now serving over 300 years in prisons. Since the start of 2019, our Secure ATM Programme has helped Police arrest 50 criminals. The net is closing in on ATM criminals.

100 Million pounds
Cost of ATM Attacks in UK
130 Arrested in 2018
300 Combined Years
in Prison

Banged up and bankrupt for attacking a Cardtronics Secure ATM.

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Secure ATM Awards 2019

Congratulations to the four inaugural winners of the industry ‘Prepare’, ‘Prevent’, ‘Pursue’ and ‘Protect’ Awards for 2019. Here is a short summary of their outstanding work and contribution to combatting ATM crime.

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ERSOU’s Crime Scene Investigators have been leading the way to develop a National Scene of Crime Best Practice document for ATM attacks. In partnership with Cardtronics this team worked tirelessly to understand the intricacies of ATMs and how they are attacked, to ensure any forensic recovery opportunities are maximised and so enhance the prospects for successful criminal prosecution. This initiative also included the forensic cleaning of ATMs identified as at risk of attack and the implementation of a unique tagging solution linking criminals to the crime scene.
Following a sharp increase in ATM attacks in the Yorkshire region, the Yorkshire and Humber’s ROCU worked with Cardtronics to create an Awareness Roadshow. The key message that ‘ATM Crime Doesn’t Pay’ was integrated into the ‘Raid it. Regret it’ campaign. The aim was to create an association between Cardtronics’ Secure ATM brand and low attack success rates, whilst providing reassurance to local communities that ATM crime is taken very seriously by both Cardtronics and Law Enforcement. The joint press release was covered by local media and there was even prime time local TV news coverage; all of which was very positively focussed and well received.
Operation CEDAR incorporated over 100 separate investigations, many of which were ATM related. It involved months of relentless work by Essex and Kent’s SCD Team, working collaboratively with Cardtronics to bring offenders to justice and protect local communities impacted by ATM attacks across the Eastern region. Nine police warrants were executed and over 200 police officers were actively involved in the operation. During the raids, stolen property, firearms and large quantities of dye stained cash were recovered. The reduction in ATM crime in the region as a result of this operation was immediately apparent.
Surrey Police worked alongside Cardtronics for many months, sharing intelligence in order to target the deployment of covert trackers with the aim of catching the criminals responsible for a series of devastating ram raid attacks. When the subjects could not be monitored or controlled through conventional policing methods, Operation Wisdom officers used heavy goods vehicles to protect ATMs housed in listed buildings, some of which were over 500 years old. This innovative thinking protected communities from irreversible harm until Surrey Police were able to arrest the major Organised Crime Gang responsible.